A few years after the tower was removed, the flag with its' 48 stars was offered for sale for $100.00 There were no buyers. There would've been if I would've known about it! Well, maybe not then. I was only 12. But no, that's another story. The tower was one of the last structures to come down. The Comet was the last structure to come down. Two years later, the pool was closed.
The old Dodgem building is an empty shell. The ticket booth is leaning at a discarded angle. No more screams of hysterical laughter due to intentional crashes into your BFF's car. No smell or noise of the crackle of electricity from the ceiling, just the fading of red yellow & blue paint into dead pastels waiting for the eventual fate caused by a demolition team.
A empty discarded chair sets in front of a empty discarded roller coaster station. No more screaming girls trying to stand up on the Comet. No more rights of passage for first time coaster riders. The station was removed first. I'm pretending it's because even the demolition team didn't want to tear down the Comet. But its' time had come. The Comet structure finally came down over a three day period, Feb. 15-17, 1966.
No more ice cream stands, or ticket booths. All that is left of the Highlands' Rotunda two years after the fire, is nothing but the terazzo tiled floor .
As one era ends, another begins. Rt 64, on the parks north side, has just been completed. The construction for the community college is well underway. The Comet structure was the last thing to come down. The pools' last year was 1964. Also notice the old theater/funhouse foundation immediately south of the pool has yet to be removed. The Comet was pulled down over three days in Feb. 15-17th, 1966.
©Bob Srenco
This photo came my way after receiving an email from Bob Srenco of Srenco Photography in Olivette, MO. This photo was taken in 1964, as the Satellite Jets were still in front of the Comets' station at this point. The next year, they were moved to Freedomland, then at Knoebels' Grove in Elysburg, PA. where they are still pleasing riders today. The fire debris had been cleared away & weeds had begun to grow on the site of the dance hall. The shell from the remains of the parks' office had been taken down & carted away. (what I wouldn't give for a few of those bricks!) The only rides that were left, were the kiddieland rides, the scrambler, ferris wheel, flying cages & tilt a whirl. And of course the Comet. It was the last thing to go. The leveling & clearing of the land had started on opposite sides of the park. Any signs of the building that was formerly the theater/funhouse, on the southwest side of the park, is now being wiped away, as is the land directly in back of the Comet. Little Toot's track had been removed, but not it's station. Look closely, you can still see it.
A sad but fascinating photograph! A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Srenco for this!!!