This is the very east side of the park. Notice the Comets' structure lit by floodlighting from the old hotel. Conrad was standing on the roof of the dance hall to take this gem. In just thirty days after these photos were taken the view will be very different and a lot less colorful.- What a breathtaking photo this is! The aero-jets are a wonder of blurred color. Little Toot and the Comet station lit up in all their glory! Note the Comet structure in the background. - both photos courtesy of Conrad Berry.
The kiddie section turns into magic at night too. This shot is looking west at the very edge of the park. -- photo courtesy of Conrad Berry.
A magnificent, yet poignant photograph showing the magic and beauty a park possesses at night. The entire north side of the Highlands is shown here. If you look closely, you can just make out the silhouette of the top of the Flying Turns between the Ferris Wheel and Rockets. This picture also shows a park whose time had almost ran out. Where are the crowds  waiting for those nighttime rides on the carousel, or the lines of people waiting for those killer nighttime rides on the Comet? OOOH If I could turn back time... --photo courtesy of Conrad Berry.
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April 5, 2015
"How about one last dip in the pool....."